Things You Should Keep in Mind for Your Mobile-First E-commerce Store


by Alex Schnee

As technology and how we choose to use it changes, businesses must now consider mobile-first options before anything else. This is especially true when it comes to e-commerce, since most customers now choose to buy items through their phone than ever before. This can mean that you need to think differently about your marketing strategy, design of your mobile site, and how you are going to approach social media.

Here are some considerations you should have when building out your e-commerce store on mobile.

You will need two different designs

You might have chosen a template for your desktop version of your site, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will translate to a smaller screen. This is where headless commerce can come in handy, since it allows you to test certain features with the frontend and the backend separate from one another. You can see how certain pages interact on mobile and whether they need to be redesigned in order to work properly.

Site speed matters

Your site should be user-friendly, and this means that you need to be able to have pages load quickly before your site visitors choose to leave. Even if you manage to attract users, it can be much more difficult to get them to purchase items from your e-commerce store if they get tired of waiting for items to load. You might want to hire someone to minimize the amount of JavaScript on your page or to minify the CSS used on your site so your users are more likely to stay and buy.

Payment should be simple

While your checkout page should be simple on both your desktop and your mobile sites, when users are filling out payment information on their phones, it should be even more streamlined than usual. You might even want to think about incorporating payment integration so they can check out using an application or through their operating system. More than anything, they should easily be able to navigate the checkout process without getting frustrated, and the interactive elements of the page should be designed to work well on a mobile device.

Social media marketing is a good way to go

Most social media platforms are designed to cater to mobile-first e-commerce and design, which is why it can be beneficial for you to concentrate your marketing efforts there. By advertising in other applications, you can also make it easy for users to hop over to your e-commerce store and purchase items without ever leaving the app in the first place. Again, this is why it is essential that your checkout process is easy!

In summary

Creating a mobile-friendly e-commerce store is completely necessary for your success as a business in this day and age. With this in mind, you can create an e-commerce store that effectively suits users’ needs as they choose to shop on their phones.

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