When it comes to marketing your business online, you will want to ensure that your company uses all the available channels. There are many different social media platforms you can consider using that can help get you in front of your target audience. Not every platform is suitable for every business, but it may still be worth having a presence there. Below you will find some of the top social media sites that you will need to use, and potentially consider using their paid advertising services, which can boost brand awareness and increase your sales.


Facebook is one of the oldest and most popular platforms that many businesses have a presence on, and it is an excellent way to engage with your target audience. You can also use Facebook for interacting directly with your customer base and use it for customer service and dealing with any enquiries or problems that arise. You can also use it for paid advertising, and there are many different types of ads from which you can choose. However, if you do not have experience running these types of ads, you will want to sue the services of a reputable and experienced social media agency to assist you.


LinkedIn is an excellent platform when you are providing professional business services for other companies, and many companies will have a presence on there. As with Facebook, you can also use paid advertising on this platform, or you can use it to interact with customers and potential clients, as well as posting unique and relevant content to engage with your target audience.


If your company has physical products that you sell, then an excellent way to showcase these and get them in front of your target audience is by using Instagram. It is a platform that mainly has visual posts, so there are lots of pictures and videos when you browse, but you can also sell from this platform, increasing your turnover. You can also do paid advertising on Instagram, and as with most social media, you may wish to have an agency run your campaign for you so that it is optimised and you see a return on your investment.


TikTok is relatively new compared to some of the other platforms, but if your target audience is the younger generation, you could be missing a trick if you do not use it. It is a video sharing platform that you can use to help boost your brand awareness and engage with your audience by sharing unique and relevant content. You can also choose to do paid advertising on the platform, and most digital agencies will be able to assist you with this and any other social media platform that you currently use.