B2b Advertising


Within the advertising world there’s two primary groups, you can say advertising is split by 50 percent – the 2 differing types are Business to Consumer and B2b. In the following paragraphs I’ll write a little about both types and a few of the firms that offer these types of services:

Business to Consumer

This side of advertising is perfect for firms that desire to offer their services or products to everyone and never always with other companies. Among this really is general high street, all of them offer items that anybody from the street comes in and buy. Within an advertising sense here are a few firms that offer advertising for Business to Consumer:

Yell.com – This is among the bigger companies offering this particular service, they provide advertising for almost any industry sector. You’ll be able to locate services like Plumbers, Food Restaurants and Takeaways, Toy Shops etc.

Plumber Marketing – That one focuses on plumbers, if you’re searching for plumbers this is an excellent spot to go.


This can be different due to the audience. This is a lot more specialised and it is aimed for businesses to sell their product or services which are for others to make use of or buy. Should you offer something which is made for use by others this is actually the advertising that you ought to try looking in to. Here are a few firms that offer B2b Advertising:

Businessmagnet Limited – One of the main directories available

Applegate – Well-known and existed for a while

Kellysearch – Most likely a long running, however becoming dated and never used a lot

There are plenty of others offering both services, you can browse around.

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