Local businesses in Adelaide are keen on exploring their online potential. More customers are open to shopping online, and for almost every product or service they need, they are quick to do a Google search. Even when your business is not selling products on the website, a comprehensive and well-marketed small-business website can cement your position in the online world. For that, SEO is critical. No matter how much you spend on Google & Facebook ads, you still need SEO. Search Engine Optimization fetches organic traffic and builds brand credibility over a period of time.

If you are looking for an SEO company in Adelaide, we recommend that you ask these questions.

  1. “Do you offer a website audit?”

A website audit, for the unversed, is about reviewing the current SEO standing of the portal, to find the possible aspects that need attention. The SEO agency will also check the design, theme, and layout of your website to find the need for changes. If your website is more than three years old, they may even recommend creating a new one, to reinvigorate interest in the brand. Website audits can be chargeable at times but are worth paying for.

  1. “What is your SEO process like?”

SEO is no more about ready packages. The best agencies will sit down with your team, discuss brand goals, expectations and figure out the challenges they need to address. They will also explain things like keyword research, how they intend to tackle competition, and their approach and understanding of the local market. This question is probably what will differentiate a good agency from others for your brand.

  1. “Do you offer regular SEO reports?”

The best part about SEO is scalability. Even when you are not spending a fortune, the right mix of practices can yield awesome results, which can be measured in a realistic way. Ask the SEO agency if they are going to give you SEO reports, which are typically generated every month, or every other month. SEO reports are based on data and numbers, and you can measure the growth of your website.

  1. “Can you share a few references in Adelaide?”

The best SEO Company Adelaide will never step back from discussing their regular work. Ask them for references and call up at least three of their existing clients to know more about their experience. Besides references, independent reviews on Google and social media can help you in comparing different services.

  1. “Do you have a lock-in period?”

That’s the basic question for any agency. Keep in mind that SEO doesn’t work overnight, but you may not want to commit to a year-long contract right away either. Try out an SEO agency for at least six months, and if you are happy with the results and can afford their services, you can always go for a plan and term that works for your budget.

Check online now to find the best agencies in Adelaide, and don’t forget to have a clear estimate in advance, with all relevant details.