Devin Johnson, Utah CEO and Branding Expert, Shares Insight from his Career


Devin Johnson, CEO of several industry leading digital marketing agencies in Utah, has spent his career trying to serve as many people as possible. He is a successful business leader, husband, father, and friend. People who know Devin commonly describe him as one of the most passionate and caring people they’ve had the pleasure of working with.

The career path to becoming Devin Johnson, the CEO

Before becoming Devin Johnson CEO of The Reputation Management Company (RMC) Devin spent time building several other organizations in multiple industries. He was highly regarded as an entrepreneur, thought leader, influencer, and visionary.

Devin has been involved in starting or growing more than 15 companies. Some of these have become leaders in their industry. One such example is DirectPointe, which after creating a unique model for those needing computer services, later partnered with Intel to market this model – now known as the Managed Service Provider model. This sector didn’t exist before, and is now set to grow to $309 billion by 2025.

While he has helped to launch many successful technology startups, his entrepreneurship appears to know no boundaries. As someone who loves fishing, Devin launched ReelWorld Gear, which makes apparel for fishing enthusiasts that real people want to wear. The company’s motto is “Be Reel, Live Reel,” showing that this entrepreneur also has a great sense of humor.

What is Devin’s current focus as CEO?

Devin has spent the last 3 years expanding the services offered by RMC, a Utah-based reputation branding and digital marketing company.

They have already carved a unique and enviable reputation in the market for displaying unrivaled transparency and acting with strong values. This has led to a happy customer base that spans nearly every industry and includes clients from all over the world.

As an Online Reputation Management (ORM) company, Devin and his team help to benefit companies by managing their reputation. They also specialize in insulation services and are online branding experts. This includes recently launching two other branding organizations (RTC Defenders and DSDefenders) focused on specific industries, leading the way to turn key branding and content strategy.

Devin believes what sets his companies apart from other digital marketing companies is its guiding principle: consistently exceeding customer expectations. They consider that their clients have entrusted them with one of their most important assets: their brand.

Devin’s approach has always been centered around clients and building strong relationships. He has stated before that a company doesn’t inherently have the right to exist and needs to provide a beneficial service. As branding experts, The Reputation Management Company and the Defender companies insist on understanding what makes their clients’ brands awesome and finding unique ways to share that message.

Read more about Devin’s work with reputation management here.

What does a man like Devin do outside of work?

When he’s not hard at work, he can be found spending time with his family, outdoors, at church, or helping others. He is a devoted husband and father of four beautiful children. His greatest joys come from spending time with his family, traveling, or seeking new adventures. He also loves to operate anything with wheels, wings, or a strong engine.

However, family and faith define him as a person, and he is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. His compassionate nature and faith have driven him to actively support the community and volunteer on numerous projects. This defends the notion that you can run a successful business and still find time to add value to your community in other ways.

Devin Johnson has been working with youths in local cities in Utah for more than 20 years. He has mentored dozens of young adults, helping them grow skills, knowledge and work through personal challenges.

His leadership has helped many reach their full potential by applying the skills he shares, leading them to find successful careers. Over his years of mentoring and volunteering with the likes of the Boy Scouts of America, he has formed lasting friendships.

He holds a special spot in his heart for helping children realize what excites them. This led him to become a Board Member of Noah Webster Academy for three years. During this time, the Charter School was one of the highest-ranking schools in the US, and the students were among the top in the state for learning and advancing in their age brackets.

Let’s hope that Devin continues his good work well into the future and that others follow his lead. He is living proof that you can be successful in business and at home while still volunteering time to help others in the community.

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