Finding The Perfect Speaker For Your Next Corporate Event


When you are planning a corporate event, there are many things you must plan, and having suitable speakers at your event can help to ensure its success. Whether planning a business awards event or bringing together your global sales team, you will want to have a speaker who can inspire the attendees and offer value to the event. You will need to do plenty of research to find a suitable speaker for your event, and you may find there is more than one person you would like to be a speaker at your event. Below are some tips to help you find the perfect person to inspire everyone that attends your event and ensure it is a resounding success.

Decide On The Broad Topic You Want To Cover

Before looking for an inspirational speaker for your event, you will need to consider the subject matter you want someone to speak about when they attend. No matter the event’s subject or the industry it covers, there are plenty of suitable speakers you can consider that can add value and help inspire people attending your event. You must ensure they are personable and an expert in their field so your audience can resonate with the speaker and identify with what they are saying. Once you have a rough idea of the subject you want to cover for your event, you can start looking for suitable speakers.

Looking For Noteworthy Speakers Online

An excellent place to start your search for a suitable speaker for your event is online, and if you are an avid user of LinkedIn, this is a perfect place to start. You can look at the top people in the relevant industry and see which ones attend events as speakers; there are usually quite a lot of them. You can connect to relevant speakers using LinkedIn and see if they would be interested in attending your event and what they would charge to attend.

You can also search online using your preferred search engine and find websites offering speaking services and agencies to help you get the best person for the job. Whether you require LGBT speakers, inclusion and diversity speakers, or ones specialising in transformation, you can find many options online that may be suitable for your event.

Investigate Their Reputations

You should look at any potential speakers you find in detail and their online reputations before confirming you will use their services. It is worth looking for videos of them at other speaking events you can watch, so you know what to expect from them if you decide to use their services. Many speakers will have videos of themselves talking, so you can ask any potential ones if they can supply these to you. You can then decide which speakers would be best for your event and ask them about availability and cost to ensure they are suitable. If acceptable, you can confirm the booking with them and be happy knowing you have selected an excellent speaker for your event that will help it to be a fantastic success.

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