How To Increase The Degree Of Collaboration And Engagement In Teams?

102 hope your team doesn’t address these issues, but we understand that improvements and updates are always welcome! Therefore, we list some actions that managers can take to increase the degree of collaboration and engagement in their teams:

1 – Give Your Employees A Voice:

People want to be heard. Create a space where they can express their opinions, feeling safe and without being judged.

2 – Encourage Them To Get To Know Each Other:

Getting to know the people on the team, not just concerning what each one is responsible for within the project or task. Know your tastes, your ideas, exchange knowledge, build actual bonds. This sparks genuine interest and increases the likelihood that they will help each other through difficult times.

3 – Reward For A Job Well Done:

Of course, it is easier for us to criticize than to praise (we do this with ourselves and with others). But it is essential to recognize work that has exceeded expectations. In this case, it is also essential to understand what the employee understands as a reward – it can be public praise, the opportunity to present their work to other teams, etc. Don’t just stick to the financial reward. Knowing your followers will show you how each one of them prefers to be rewarded.

4 – Be Open To Feedback – And Ask For It!

This item complements the previous one. People are often ready to give corrective and constructive feedback but not open for others to do the same. As a manager, it’s your mission to set an example and ask for feedback – and most importantly, practice active listening and reflect on what you’ve heard.

5 – Make Clear The Objectives And Responsibilities:

The clearer it is for the team what is expected, the less likely it is to transfer responsibilities or dodge them. If necessary, establish a follow-up routine with each team member to ensure people access support whenever they need it. In addition, you can also make route corrections in case someone gets lost along the way and is taking on responsibilities beyond or beyond their role.

6 – Encourage Self-Development:

Better prepared professionals bring better results. This phrase is widely known, but many managers still focus only on the technical part of knowledge. Managers must practice technical and personal self-development because when they know themselves better as human beings, they can have a look of greater acceptance and understanding with their teams, increasing trust and, therefore, the level of collaboration and engagement. On our platforms, you will find various content that can contribute to your team’s self-development.

7 – Give Preference To The Internal Audience:

When a vacancy appears in the organization, the idea is to prioritize those already in the company and know its culture. If there is no one prepared, it is past time to think and prepare succession plans. When they find internal opportunities, employees feel valued and recognized, making them more open to collaborating with their colleagues.

Apply the above reflection questions and attitudes genuinely. So, watch your team transform into a team that collaborates, engages, and sets an example to other teams and managers.

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