The technology being used in business meetings is much more advanced now than it’s ever been. With the help of integrated AI technologies, meeting management tools are now able to handle tasks that would otherwise be overlooked. Through natural language processing technology, AI systems utilized in online meetings and in-office meetings can record the speech of each participant. This and even more unique capabilities are offered by today’s video conference equipment. The real-time insights provided by these technologies help organizations identify areas where conversations could become more focused throughout their meetings. Similarly, these language processing systems are used to identify frequently mentioned keywords, which are then used as driving topics for future conversations. With this level of insight, organizations are capable of harnessing an edge in boosting meeting productivity and eliminating time wasted. This is even more evident in organizations that have a global presence, as these AI tools also have language translation capabilities. For more information on the advancements made in meeting management technology and how they can improve the meetings held by your organization, please read on to the infographic accompanying this post.

Improve Meeting Management With AI this infographic was contributed by SimpleUC, a premier provider of audio conferencing equipment