Improving the Insulation of Your Building


If you find that your energy bill is much higher than you are used to and that no matter how high you set your heater your building is still cold, chances are you may need to replace your insulation. Over time, insulation tends to wear down which can cause your home’s temperature to get to an uncomfortable level. If it has been a while since your insulation has been installed or replaced, be sure to consider getting a replacement as soon as possible.

The Best Insulation Boards

There are many different options when it comes to insulation. However, the best type of insulation for when you want your building’s temperature to become more regulated is a PIR board. These boards are made using thermoset plastic foam insulation that is similar to other plasterboard types but have excellent thermal properties. As a result, they make the perfect insulation for any home or office building. Another reason that PIR boards are a good option is because they are known for being long lasting and heavy duty, so you will not have to keep constantly replacing your insulation over and over again. Not to mention, PIR boards are also highly affordable—a great plus for those who are on a budget.

Installing Them Yourself

Many people choose to hire professionals to come in and install the PIR boards, however you can always opt to do it yourself. Before getting started, simply be sure that you have cut the boards to the size that you need them. From there, you can go on to use adhesive to stick the PIR boards to the wooden joists in the building. You can also opt to use screws if you prefer them over the adhesive. The one thing you shouldn’t do is use a hammer and nails as this can result in significant damage to the PIR boards.

Save More Money

When you have proper insulation installed in your home or office, you will see a notable difference. The temperature won’t be out of whack and you won’t find yourself having to spend an absurd amount of money heating or cooling the place. As a matter of fact, you may even end up saving money since insulation can regulate the temperature enough that you won’t even have to turn on your air conditioning system or heater at all.

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