It’s hard to deny the impact that Artificial intelligence (AI) has had on the evolution of industries worldwide. As more and more organizations have begun identifying ways in which AI can aid in acquiring a competitive advantage, their operations have drastically changed. With such a wide suite of applications, AI continues to find usefulness across even some of the least expecting industries. Of its suite of applications, this post will focus on one in particular: machine learning (ML). This form of artificial intelligence is incredible in that computers become capable of learning and identifying patterns on their own as a result of collected data. Autonomous learning, all without the help of a programmer. Well, sort of. A great deal of code goes into making all this possible and there is no language more suited for the job than Python. What makes Python such a clear favorite for developing these machine learning applications? Due to its simplicity, it is a very effective language to use. With such a straightforward syntax, even those unfamiliar with the language will have an easier time becoming acclimated. While Python has some fundamental qualities that make it easy to pick up as a programmer, it also benefits from an extensive collection of online libraries available to the public, that are totally free and include basic prewritten code ready to be used for specific functions and actions. Python’s flexibility allows it to bend to the ebb and flow of the programming process. Whether that be alongside other programming languages or having to operate on a completely different operating system, Python is capable of functioning alongside any language with a few modifications. Python’s capabilities make it a clear favorite for developing data science applications. To learn more about those capabilities and what continues to drive Python’s value in the machine learning space, please check out the infographic highlighted alongside this post.

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