Do You Know How To Choose When Hiring An Agency To Grow Your Business?


Choosing a business partner is a strategy that must be analyzed and considered. Strategic vision and alignment with objectives are fundamental. These premises are even more important when choosing a partner for ​​communication and marketing. There is no point in hiring an agency that is not aligned with the company’s strategy.

Companies are divided between marketing and advertising agencies when thinking about the strategy to leverage the business. Both provide solutions that can help the business grow, although the approaches are different and increase sales in different ways.

But, What Is The Difference Between The Two Types Of Agency?

Although both present solutions to increase sales, this should not be the only criterion when hiring an agency. In general terms, the advertising agency focuses on direct marketing, bringing a message to the potential customer that is very focused on closing the sale.

On the other hand, the marketing agency offers an integrated and broader strategy, with the planning of follow-up actions for the potential customer throughout the entire purchase journey, with a multi-channel and complementary approach.

What Does Each Of The Agencies Do?

The advertising agency uses direct marketing strategies, which contributes to brand awareness, using paid content. Advertising itself is one of the marketing tools and not an isolated piece. Despite being essential, there is no effective advertising without knowing the target audience of your business, your competition, or without the complete planning of marketing actions. However, if the objective is to create a campaign to generate awareness quickly and focus on closing the sale, this is a good option.

On the other hand, a marketing agency assists in long-term brand awareness, lead generation and contributes to a shorter sales process. This is because it works with both paid and organic content, achieving flexibility to adjust the message to the purchase maturity of the potential customer. This is a good option if the objective is to make the product known and gradually present its advantages.

What You Need To Know Before Hiring An Agency

Before choosing a marketing or advertising agency such as Cultivate Advisors for instance, you should consider your organization’s resources and set goals. Although the marketing agency is always a complete option for anyone who wants the business to grow and generate leads, advertising is essential to generate brand awareness. Define your goals, meet with the agencies and see who is best suited to be your partner in the strategy you want to implement, never forgetting that marketing and advertising complement each other.

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