Make Your Niche in Amazon by Finding the Right Chinese Suppliers for Your Products


Amazon is one of the popular e-com platforms to promote and sell your products to your customers. If you have closely followed the business model of Amazon, you might have noticed that not all businesses get to hold their niche in Amazon. This is because Amazon has strict policies in place wherein your product needs to be of superior quality to be able to sell on this platform.

Knowing Which Products to Sell on Amazon

Amazon has a wide category of products that sell like hotcakes. If you are planning at sourcing products for Amazon, then you need to first understand the product would you like to source. If you are into the toys business, then you first need to check the prices of the popular toys that are selling on Amazon are.

Based on this, you then need to check whether your product would be able to compete with the other brands. Since you would be sourcing the product from China, you might also need to give some thought to the shipping costs, the taxes, and the customs duty.

Ensure that you opt to sell products that are not seasonal. In this way, you will have a higher chance of selling your product since it will be available to your target audience all year round.

Now if your product is already on the Amazon marketplace, then you might need to check if there is any room for improvement. Bear in mind, that customer demands keep changing and you need to be a step ahead of your competition to retain your customers. If you keep on selling poor-quality products, you are not only going to lose your customers but also get blacklisted from Amazon.

A good way to check whether your customers are satisfied with your product is by checking the reviews shared by them. You can take into consideration their opinions and see how well you can incorporate them into your product.

You can even check your competitors’ products and see what reviews their customers have given for their products. In simple words, you can utilize their weakness as your strength and see if you can come up with a better product. In this competitive era, you always need to be on your toes when it comes to running a business.

Choose products that are easier to ship and deliver. This ensures that there is no compromise on the delivery time and your products are less likely to get damaged in transit. Small products can easily be shipped by air, thus saving you expensive freight costs which are charged for shipping bulk orders or heavy goods by the ocean.

Avoid going for products that are difficult to manufacture or require expensive equipment or technical expertise. While sourcing products for Amazon, go for reliable products that are popular on the Amazon marketplace. You might need to carry out research to study reliable products. You can even take the help of search tools used by many Amazon sellers to find reliable products.

Last, but not least, you need to ensure whether the product that you wish to sell at Amazon is compliant with your country’s regulations. This can also include quality and safety checks, legal requirements on import laws, and patent rights.

Maintain the Product Quality by Choosing Right Suppliers

Customers will only buy your product on Amazon if they are satisfied with the product quality. This is possible if the supplier that you have chosen is reliable and does not compromise the product quality at the time of manufacturing.

Ensuring that your products keep selling and retain your loyal customer base, product quality plays a crucial role here. So, how can you keep your customers satisfied? The answer to this is by choosing credible suppliers for sourcing products for Amazon. You can begin your search for the right supplier by

  • Check online directors for suppliers
  • Enquire with your peers or friends who use China suppliers
  • Check out the trade shows and exhibitions
  • Visit the suppliers personally
  • Ensure to enquire about their experience in similar products
  • What is the type of equipment and technology they use
  • Ask for reference
  • Enquire about the production time
  • Discuss the MOQ required for the manufacturing process

Bear in mind to negotiate with the suppliers. Do not give in to the first quote they offer. Proper negotiation can ensure that you avail good discount on bulk orders. Ensure that they understand the sales contract perfectly and both of you are in line with the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract.

Asking for samples is one of the best ways to ensure the credibility of your supplier. Before sourcing products for Amazon from the supplier, you can request samples of their work. This will give you a fair idea of whether the supplier is capable of producing the product as per your specification. Some of the common samples that you can ask for are:

  • Factory sample
  • Production sample
  • Custom-made sample

Ensure to carry out inspections from time to time. Hiring inspection companies to conduct audits ensures that your products are up to the quality and safety standards. Regular inspections also ensure that your products are properly labelled, packed, and loaded before it is shipped to the customers’ destination.

Finally, it all boils down to your rapport with your supplier. If there is trust and great bonding between both the parties, it can pave the way to a great relationship in the future. They will be able to modify certain clauses in your sales contract which they were reluctant to do initially.  They will ensure that the products get manufactured on time.

In the case of bulk orders which require urgent delivery, they might even recommend other suppliers who can share the workload and ensure the project is complete within the stipulated time. No matter what strategy you choose, ensure that you emphasize quality when sourcing products for Amazon.


Selling your products on Amazon is the perfect opportunity to improve the brand image of your business. Your products will reach a large target audience, which in turn can help boost the sale of your business.

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