Packaged Drinking Water – Why Choose a Bottled Drinking Water


Do you know enough about packaged drinking water? Know more about its types and benefits of choosing packaged drinking water. 

When you step out, do you carry your bottle of water or you prefer purchasing packaged drinking water? Contrary to popular belief, packaged drinking water has many benefits and is worth considering as a solution when you are on the go. 

What is in “bottled water”?

Bottled water refers to packaged drinking water available in plastic and/or glass bottles. Bottle water is available in various sizes – from small single serving bottles to large carboys for water coolers. Bottled drinking water goes through a chemical and physical treatment, such as chlorination and reverse osmosis, for purification purposes. Carbon dioxide may be added to create sparkling water. Essential minerals such as potassium and magnesium are restored to this water. 

Types of Bottled Water

Mineral Water

Natural mineral water is obtained from underground sources and rich in many minerals and nutrients. Mineral water contains dissolved minerals such as calcium, potassium, and iron, which are very important for maintaining our well-being.

Spring Water

As the name suggests, spring water is what you get from a natural spring. Packaged spring water includes a certain percentage of water obtained from underground sources, but it should be the same quality as the spring water. To avoid any kind of pollution or contamination, it is vital that the natural source of spring water is protected with a set of vulnerability perimeters. It must be consistently fit for human consumption at source and should remain in that state till it is finally bottled. Except for a small number of authorised processes, spring water does not go through any treatments. 

Benefits of Packaged Drinking Water

#1 Keeps the Kidney Healthy

Drinking mineral water contains a considerable amount of minerals that help keep the kidneys healthy and ensure regular and proper functioning of the organs. Packaged drinking water will ensure you always have a bottle of water on you to stay hydrated. 

#2 Provides Body with Essential Nutrients

Your body requires certain nutrients such as potassium bicarbonate and magnesium sulphate. You will find these dissolved in every bottle packaged drinking water. 

#3 Helps with Weight Loss

When water goes through the purification process like the 10-step purification process at Bisleri, it becomes devoid of all calories and sugar content. Drinking mineral water is great for weight loss purposes.

Tips for Better Tasting and Healthier Bottled Water

  • Look for water in high grade containers
  • Always keep bottled water out of bright light and away from sources of heat.
  • Don’t store water for long periods (greater than 1 year) Most bottled waters have no\ expiration date, and while it is unlikely that substantial amounts of microbial growth would occur, it makes no sense to purchase bottled water for its purity and then allow algae to grow in it.
  • Buy Packaged Drinking Water OnlineNowadays, everything happens online. Whether it is shopping, investing in insurance or even to order water online.

Packaged drinking water is good for your health when you choose the right source and the right brand. So, keep drinking water and stay healthy!

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